Thursday, 26 November from 04:00 to 06:00
Airline United Airlines
Flight UA396
From Honolulu HNL
Scheduled \ Actual 04:56, 04:26 Estimated Arrival Time
Terminal \ Gate 3 86
Status En Route
Airline Nippon Cargo
Flight KZ109
From Los Angeles LAX
Scheduled \ Actual 05:15, 05:15 Estimated Arrival Time
Terminal \ Gate
Status Scheduled
Airline United Airlines
Flight UA1724
From Kona KOA
Scheduled \ Actual 05:20, 05:07 Estimated Arrival Time
Terminal \ Gate 3 67
Status En Route
Airline Flight From Scheduled
United Airlines United Airlines Honolulu HNL 04:56
04:26 Estimated Arrival Time
3 86 En Route
Nippon Cargo Nippon Cargo Los Angeles LAX 05:15
05:15 Estimated Arrival Time
United Airlines United Airlines Kona KOA 05:20
05:07 Estimated Arrival Time
3 67 En Route

Departing from SFO?

Plan on being at the airport two hours before international flight and one and a half hour before domestic flight...